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Riesta Recommends

12/11/2018 19:35:37

For sale a house in a very beautiful place near the water."

For sale a house in a very beautiful place near the water. The first line of the river Vecdaugava and to the sea 5-10 minutes. Land 1126 m2, all city communications (electricity, water, sewage and gas)"

Price: 135000 Total Square: 100 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 1131

Latvia  Riga

01/05/2018 08:21:47

Miroshnichenko Natalia Alekseevna"

Excellent offer for buying a country house with a plot of land! House made of beams with an attic, cellar, 93 sq.m, gas, electricity 7 kW, AGV, water, c / a, shower. On the site are built a summer kitchen, a guest house, a house for the worker (all b...

Price: 8000000 Total Square: 93 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 1315

Russia  Karmolino

08/03/2018 18:28:30

House in Vecaki"

We sell a house in a very good location by the water. The first line near the river Vecdaugava. The sea is less than one kilometer away. The land is 1126 m2, all communications are at the border."

Price: 155000 Total Square: 70 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 1275

Latvia  Riga

25/01/2018 14:25:25

Private house"

Sell \u200b\u200ba very good 2-storey residential building in the center of Salaspils or change it with a supplement to a 2-room apartment in Riga. Land area 776m2. Landscaped area with grass, flower beds, conifers and deciduous trees and shrubs. In ...

Price: 289000 Total Square: 182 Rooms: 4 Floors: 2

Views count: 1260

Latvia  Salaspils

07/11/2017 08:43:57

Unique apartment in the reconstructed ecological wooden house in Riga in Agenskalns"

Completely reconstructed wooden house next to the unique Kalnciems quarter in Riga, which is a legacy of the wooden architecture of Latvia. In 2017, the house was completely reconstructed - the roof and stairs were replaced, the walls were insulated,...

Price: 190000 Total Square: 97 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 1215

Latvia  Riga

18/10/2017 23:13:05

Classical House in Riga, Latvia"

House with land with a perfect classic interior design in a nice place for a reasonable price! For more information - please call (371) 22175472."

Price: 85000 Total Square: 100 Rooms: 4 Floors: 2

Views count: 1166

Latvia  Riga

03/10/2017 12:23:46

A mansion with a swimming pool and a fountain in the dune area of Jurmala"

For sale an exclusive mansion located in the most prestigious location of Jurmala, in Melluzhi, on the first line. Kapu Street stretches along the sea. The house has a beautiful well-groomed area, fenced on all sides by thuja, creating a hedge. On th...

Price: 1950000 Total Square: 2000 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 1441

Latvia  Jurmala

03/10/2017 12:15:24

Newly furnished aparthotel for 4 apartments in the dune area of Jurmala

New house for sale in Jurmala in Jaundubulti. The house can be used as one large house or as 4 separate apartments not connected with each other. Dzintari concert hall is 5 km away, the distance to the airport is 20 km, distance to the center of Riga...

Price: 2000000 Total Square: 920 Rooms: 12 Floors: 3

Views count: 1335

Latvia  Jurmala

22/08/2017 11:08:52

Veccīruļu iela 19, Marupe"

Your future home! Rent a house with redemption rights up to 2 years. House with a complete finish of the outside (without interior decoration). We offer you a choice of colors, finishes and styles, and your house will have a completely individual loo...

Price: 160000 Total Square: 217 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 1349

Latvia  Marupe

06/06/2017 11:57:59


The house has 7 rooms. 1st and 2nd floor are two bathrooms, virtuvei.Mājas yard in a greenhouse (which is registered in the Land Register). If you have the desire, then the auxiliary can be converted into a sauna or boiler. Home courtyard is a real o...

Price: 235000 Total Square: 1210 Rooms: 7 Floors: 2

Views count: 1165

Latvia  Riga

06/04/2017 00:17:58


Perfect family house. 2 entrances, 2 kitchens - may be used as 1 big house or 2 separated flats. Gas heating. Developed infrastructure. Give us a call to arrange a meeting.

Price: 185000 Total Square: 150 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 1288

Latvia  Riga

06/03/2017 16:38:10

For sale is a new house in Ziepniekkalns

For sale is a new house in Ziepniekkalns on Spulgas Str., in the district of private building. The real estate consists of a plot of land of an area 1000 м2 and 1-story new houses of an area 144 м2: is a living room of 26 м2, kitchen-dining-room o...

Price: 130000 Total Square: 144 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 1813

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

27/02/2017 16:57:54

For sale is an exclusive house in Langstini

For sale is a new house in Langstini, on Rigas St., Garkalne parish. To the border of Riga is about 7 km, to the center of Riga 17 km, the city bus runs. The real estate consists of the land plot of 3228 sq.m and a new house with a total area of ...

Price: 320000 Total Square: 500 Rooms: 7 Floors: 2

Views count: 1909

Latvia  Langstini

Riesta Recommends

22/02/2017 11:57:04

Townhouse in Jurmala, Bulduri, Stendes 1

A cosy three storey townhouse for sale in Jurmala, Stendes str.1. Floor area 280 sqm, land plot 350 sqm, with full finish, 2-cars garage, garden and off-street parking. This house has all municipal communications, gas heating, alarm system. The entir...

Price: 500000 Total Square: 280 Rooms: 0 Floors: 3

Views count: 1244

Latvia  Jurmala

07/02/2017 23:11:24

Sell house by the sea Sarnate Užava Parish Ventspils region

Sell nice and small apartment houses in a beautiful place by the sea Sarnate Užava Parish Ventspils region. Land area of 1.3 hectares. To the sea about 1.8 km. Good driveway. House in good condition, building a new roof, new windows, good repair, all...

Price: 44500 Total Square: 80 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 1122

Latvia  Ventspils

21/01/2017 20:18:02

Effective business hotel in Riga, Latvia

Total building area - 2000 square meters. meters. Land - 850 sqm. meters. 50 comfortable rooms, restaurant, sauna complex with jacuzzi on the roof of the building. Summer terrace on the 7th floor with spectacular views over Riga. Detached two-storey ...

Price: 1900000 Total Square: 2000 Rooms: 50 Floors: 7

Views count: 1104

Latvia  Riga

19/01/2017 03:22:38

Architectural Masterpiece

A newly constructed estate featuring exceptional modern architecture. A true masterpiece with exquisite craftsmanship, soaring ceilings, and wall to wall glass windows. The glass walls throughout the living spaces fill the rooms with impeccable light...

Price: 4550000 Total Square: 5650 Rooms: 4 Floors: 3

Views count: 1223

United States  Los Angeles

16/01/2017 15:06:54

House for selling in Bukulti, Riga

Площадь земли 1910 квадратных метров. Площадь дома 360 квадратных метров, жилая площадь 180 квадратных метров. Дом построен из газобетона, обшивка из кирпича, 1 – 2 этаж перекрыт панелями. Электричество на 40 ампер, состояние дома - незаконче...

Price: 180000 Total Square: 1910 Rooms: 10 Floors: 3

Views count: 1249

Latvia  Bukulti

12/01/2017 17:57:23

Family hou in Riga / Purvciems

Perfect family house, with a large land plot. Exclusive interior, - high class wooden windows, venetian decor, sauna, Russian sauna and much more. Large home, build with responsibility. Spacious terrace, oven, decorated fireplace... The house has its...

Price: 325000 Total Square: 270 Rooms: 6 Floors: 0

Views count: 1312

Latvia  Riga

09/01/2017 14:56:23

Foe sale is a half-ruined house in Bukulti on Avotkalnu street

For sale is a half-ruined house in Bukulti on street. House requires a serious reconstruction. House area of 35 sq.m. Land area of 397 sq.m. There is an electricity and borehole. There is a outbuilding also. Land Register. Land is privatized. The pe...

Price: 27000 Total Square: 35 Rooms: 0 Floors: 2

Views count: 1846

Latvia  Riga

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