1.Who can register on Riesta.com?

Any person or company can register on Riesta.com. All you need to do is fill in a few fields on the registration page. After that, an email will be sent to your address of choice, with a link to activate your profile. After clicking on it, you will see another prompt to log in. After logging in, you can start submitting your own ads as well as browsing the ads submitted by other users.

If you are a representative of a company and wish to register a business account, to be able to advertise your objects and services, then at the discretion of the site’s administration, you may be asked to provide additional data, to confirm the existence of your company.

2.How much does it cost to register?

Registration is and always will be free.

3.Why do I need to register?

To change your status from Guest to Participant. A Guest can only browse the site and search for information. A Participant can publish ads, and in the future, other information as well.
The owner of a business account has additional options to push their goods and services.

4.What are filters?

Filters allow you to add specifics to your search. You can customize them at the top of a page with advertisements. For example:
City/Country Berlin/Germany
Floor/Total building floors 8/26

5.Why do I need to fill in all the parameters of an object into the provided fields, if I could just write them all in the ad description?

Filling in the parameters is necessary for other users to be able to find your ad with ease, thanks to our filters. These are not always just the location, number of floors and price. Somebody could be looking for a flat in an ecologically clean, wooden house. If you listed the wall material as wood in your ad – other users will be able to see it based on that. There could be somebody who values a specific parameter over the others. Sometimes, people are even willing to move to different cities and countries, just to live in a home perfect for them. Hence why it is important to fill in all the parameters in the ad.

6.What to do if you encounter problems, have any questions, or have suggestions to improve the site?

Find “Send us a message” at the top of the webpage. Click on it to open a window for sending a message to tech support. That way, we can answer your question/help solve your issue with the site.

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