Paid-service delivery and Refund policy

Paid-service delivery

1. Processing of paid-service orders (VIP-status for property advertisements – “Riesta recommends”,VIP-status for partner advertisements) is performed automatically. Paid-service orders are delivered immediately after payment is received.
2. Delivery of an order is the placement of a VIP-status, “Riesta recommends” ad onto the site. Selection of which advertisements will be placed in the VIP section is automatic, and will randomly decide which VIP ads will be displayed out of all that are available. Therefore, the amount of times that an ad will be displayed in the VIP section depends on how many VIP-status ads have been placed on the site, at the given time, as well as how many times will the page be viewed by visitors of the site. The search bar also has an option to only display VIP-status ads in the results.


1. In the event that a client no longer wishes that their VIP advertisement be displayed, for any reason, a refund is possible.
2. For a refund on their order, the client must write a written inquiry. The inquiry must include a description of all the conditions and reasons as to why the refund is being requested, as well as the order number, sum paid, and the date of the transaction (all of this information has been sent to the client via email upon the confirmation of their order). The client must also include their contact information – a name, surname, functional phone number and email. The inquiry can be filed via the “Contact Us” section of the site.
3. Reviewing an inquiry can take up to 5 working days from the moment that an inquiry is received, during which both the conditions and reasons submitted by the client, as well as technical information from the site are considered.
4. If a decision is made to grant the refund, the administration of the site will contact the client, to request additional payment requisites, which will then be used to transfer the refund.
5. If a decision is made to grant the refund, only the payment for the unused advertisement time will be refunded. For example: A client purchases VIP-status for an advertisement for a calendar month, from the 1st to the 30th. On the 10th, the client writes an inquiry about a refund. On the 14th, after the inquiry is reviewed, a decision to grant the refund is made by the administration of the site. In this case, the refund will be granted for the period between the 15th and 30th days of the month – the period of time when the ad will not have had a VIP-status.
6. Additionally, commission fees for processing the transaction (both for the initial payment and the refund), charged by the credit card processing system, as well any other expenses related to it (if they occur) are subtracted from the refund. The minimum price is 1.85 EUR per transaction. The client will be provided with a calculation of the refundable amount.
7. After a decision is made to grand the refund, and the additional payment requisites are received, a refund will be transferred to the client within 5 workdays (usually – faster). As soon as the decision to grant the refund is made, VIP-status is removed from the ad, and it becomes a regular ad. From that moment, the client will no longer be charged for this advert. seeks to be fair towards its clients, and will usually grant the refund if the order was placed by mistake, or the clients’ situation has changed. However, the administration of the site will carefully consider all conditions, and in the case of repeat or baseless demands of refunds, the client may have their access to the site’s services restricted or suspended.