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Riesta Recommends

02/03/2017 12:57:06

4-roomed apartment in Purvciems


Price: 78500 Area: 91 Rooms: 4 Floor: 9 / 9

Views count: 685

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

28/02/2017 16:02:53

A room in a 3-room apartment Moscow, Kosmonavtov street Volkov, 3

We offer to buy a large room of 18.2 square meters. m. 3 room apartment in the Stalin house within walking distance of the subway. There is the possibility of buying another room in the apartment. The apartment is sparsely populated. Room in a good r...

Price: 3300000 Area: 18 Rooms: 0 Floor: 9 / 9

Views count: 373

Russia  Moskva

22/02/2017 17:33:08

Selling 2KOM. in Sochi in the finished house with a renovated Matseste documents

New house. was passed. populated. Studio. the window at the river. furniture, household appliances. picturesque, clean place. near the river, the forest. to public transport and shops, the pharmacy 100 m. The full set of documents. The beach is 5 min...

Price: 2900000 Area: 40 Rooms: 2 Floor: 4 / 5

Views count: 345

Russia  Verkhnenikolaevskoye

20/02/2017 16:55:40

3-roomed apartment on the street. Bruninieku in Riga

For sale is 3 room apartment on 12 Bruninieku Str., between Brivibas and Terbatas streets, area of 84.1 m2, on the 1st floor. Two spacious separate rooms, one walk-through room, one bathroom, kitchen, utility room. Windows overlook both side...

Price: 85000 Area: 84 Rooms: 3 Floor: 1 / 7

Views count: 635

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

13/02/2017 20:28:46

For Sale 3 bedroom apartment in the center of Ventspils Juras Street

Sale center of Ventspils Juras Street at Kuldigas street brick home on the 5th floor 3 bedroom apartment 54.2 square meters in area with a beautiful view of the park area. The apartment is in good condition, balcony, parking near the house on the str...

Price: 29500 Area: 54 Rooms: 3 Floor: 5 / 5

Views count: 369

Latvia  Ventspils

07/02/2017 16:40:31

For sale is 1 room apartment in Riga on Petersalas Str.

For sale is 1 room apartment in a good condition. Windows, pipes and bathroom appliance have been changed. No debts. The land is in property. Nearby is shop and public transport. Easy to vacate.

Price: 35500 Area: 30 Rooms: 1 Floor: 3 / 5

Views count: 718

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

07/02/2017 16:16:23

For sale is 1.5 room apartment in Kengarags on Maskavas Str.

For sale is 1.5 room not angular apartment in good state with separate rooms. Windows, heating radiators, electric installations, pipes, plumber appliances, doors have been changed. Flooring is laminate and tile. In the bathroom is new bathroom ap...

Price: 38500 Area: 38 Rooms: 2 Floor: 2 / 5

Views count: 703

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

03/02/2017 04:33:48

Sale of apartments on the street, Sinyavinskaya

Stalin's home GP 1958. Infrastructure, the documents are ready. The apartment has been renovated, new plumbing, two balconies, glass packages, laminate flooring, bathroom with WC kafele.Okna in the yard, two-sided, courtyard garden and a school. Deve...

Price: 5866000 Area: 58 Rooms: 2 Floor: 3 / 5

Views count: 404

Russia  Sankt-Peterburg

01/02/2017 13:37:29

Apartment in Crimea

For sale 1-bedroom cooperative apartment in the Crimea, Alushta, center, 4/5, 32 sq.m. 9 sq.m. loggia, living space - 18, kitchen - 6. Modern repair, appliances, furniture, gas water heater. The apartment is located in a park area next to vi...

Price: 3800000 Area: 32 Rooms: 1 Floor: 4 / 5

Views count: 426

Ukraine  Alushta

30/01/2017 10:10:11


New GMR, House put the L-1, 1k.kv. 12 / 18mk 41/17/11 Predchistovaya finish. Entrance hall 6.7 sq.m, balcony 7 sq belt, -Exit from the kitchen and out of the room. View of the East, Oz, moLL, near the market, airport. Drive to the center and the sea ...

Price: 1750000 Area: 41 Rooms: 1 Floor: 12 / 18

Views count: 411

Russia  Krasnodar

27/01/2017 03:27:21

Sale apartment on Gagarin Boulevard

Sale apartment on Gagarin Avenue, 54, near the hotel "Intourist". Apartment area of \u200b\u200b43 sq.m., kitchen-living room and two bedrooms, with \\ y combined, balcony, all windows on Gagarin, is located on the 4th floor of 4-storey building, bui...

Price: 395000 Area: 43 Rooms: 2 Floor: 4 / 4

Views count: 437

Russia  Irkutsk

25/01/2017 22:26:06

House in Riga, Latvia

Residence permit issued free of charge. Sale high quality new home in a picturesque location on the outskirts of Riga (5 min to Jurmala). The building is one of six buildings in the modern village where every house is a single, unified style of archi...

Price: 465000 Area: 250 Rooms: 5 Floor: 0 / 2

Views count: 482

Latvia  Spilve

25/01/2017 19:07:18

The apartment with a quality repair

We offer an apartment with a quality repair in the center of Riga at the intersection of ul. Stabu and Brivibas. The apartment is renovated, equipped with furniture and expensive appliances, beautiful bathroom, sanitary ware brand. High ceilings, bri...

Price: 114000 Area: 60 Rooms: 2 Floor: 3 / 5

Views count: 420

Latvia  Riga

25/01/2017 17:01:56

One bedroom apartment in Résidence Lumière

For sale one bedroom apartment. The apartment is fully finished and furnished. The rooms are wood parquet flooring. Equipped kitchen: built-in furniture, dishwasher, oven, stove top, fridge, cooker hood. Bathroom with new plumbing and tile floori...

Price: 285000 Area: 52 Rooms: 2 Floor: 5 / 6

Views count: 426

Latvia  Riga

18/01/2017 13:40:37

For sale is 3 room apartment in Iļģuciems on Daugavgrīvas Street

3 room repaired apartment in Ilguciems, area of 73 sq.m., 2nd floor of the stone house on 132 Daugavgrivas Str.:

Price: 83000 Area: 73 Rooms: 3 Floor: 2 / 5

Views count: 753

Latvia  Riga

Riesta Recommends

13/01/2017 13:14:45

For sale is 2-room apartment in Jurmala, st. Dubulti

For sale is 2 room apartment in Jurmala, Dubulti. The apartment is repaired and vacated, area of 54 sq.m., it's located on the 4th floor of the brick house, special project: - separated furnished rooms of 18 and 14 sq.m.; - spacious kitchen with bu...

Price: 67000 Area: 54 Rooms: 2 Floor: 4 / 4

Views count: 789

Latvia  Jurmala

Riesta Recommends

10/01/2017 19:20:52

Urgent sale. 3 kom.apartament suites, in a modern complex. Stock!!!

Urgent sale: 3-com. Luxury apartment in a modern complex Cabacum Beach / Action / Location - Varna, near one of the most famous beaches "Kabakum". The complex was awarded the prestigious "Best beach resort" in 2012 in the competition «VIP Property Aw...

Price: 98000 Area: 76 Rooms: 3 Floor: 5 / 7

Views count: 435

Bulgaria  Varna

10/01/2017 14:47:02

Private residential dom.Otlichnoe location - in a prestigious area.

Private house, with only 18 apartments, 24 -chasovaya security, spacious landscaped yard, underground garage. All apartments have sea views. Quality construction with the best technologies and materials including Trespa facades (Netherlands); Excelle...

Price: 65000 Area: 75 Rooms: 2 Floor: 3 / 6

Views count: 489

Bulgaria  Varna

10/01/2017 14:31:03

The construction of the residential building, district Briz, Varna.

The construction of a house. Location: district Briz, Varna. Developed infrastructure, easy access to transportation. A five minute walk from the apartment building is a shopping center "Piccadilly Park". In walking distance is Varna Seaside Park, on...

Price: 42102 Area: 46 Rooms: 2 Floor: 3 / 6

Views count: 444

Bulgaria  Varna

10/01/2017 14:25:30

New apartment house, in a great location.

We present you a new nine-storey building, the construction stage up / June 2016 /, with a shop and underground parking. Top place / location in Varna, (promenade walkway), the original modern architecture, high-quality execution. Around the house, p...

Price: 45900 Area: 52 Rooms: 2 Floor: 3 / 7

Views count: 451

Bulgaria  Varna

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