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12/11/2018 19:35:37

For sale a house in a very beautiful place near the water."

For sale a house in a very beautiful place near the water. The first line of the river Vecdaugava and to the sea 5-10 minutes. Land 1126 m2, all city communications (electricity, water, sewage and gas)"

Price: 135000 Total Square: 100 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 327

Latvia  Riga

01/05/2018 08:21:47

Miroshnichenko Natalia Alekseevna"

Excellent offer for buying a country house with a plot of land! House made of beams with an attic, cellar, 93 sq.m, gas, electricity 7 kW, AGV, water, c / a, shower. On the site are built a summer kitchen, a guest house, a house for the worker (all b...

Price: 8000000 Total Square: 93 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 451

Russia  Karmolino

08/03/2018 18:28:30

House in Vecaki"

We sell a house in a very good location by the water. The first line near the river Vecdaugava. The sea is less than one kilometer away. The land is 1126 m2, all communications are at the border."

Price: 155000 Total Square: 70 Rooms: 4 Floors: 1

Views count: 412

Latvia  Riga

25/01/2018 14:25:25

Private house"

Sell \u200b\u200ba very good 2-storey residential building in the center of Salaspils or change it with a supplement to a 2-room apartment in Riga. Land area 776m2. Landscaped area with grass, flower beds, conifers and deciduous trees and shrubs. In ...

Price: 289000 Total Square: 182 Rooms: 4 Floors: 2

Views count: 426

Latvia  Salaspils

07/11/2017 08:43:57

Unique apartment in the reconstructed ecological wooden house in Riga in Agenskalns"

Completely reconstructed wooden house next to the unique Kalnciems quarter in Riga, which is a legacy of the wooden architecture of Latvia. In 2017, the house was completely reconstructed - the roof and stairs were replaced, the walls were insulated,...

Price: 190000 Total Square: 97 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 469

Latvia  Riga

18/10/2017 23:13:05

Classical House in Riga, Latvia"

House with land with a perfect classic interior design in a nice place for a reasonable price! For more information - please call (371) 22175472."

Price: 85000 Total Square: 100 Rooms: 4 Floors: 2

Views count: 419

Latvia  Riga

03/10/2017 12:23:46

A mansion with a swimming pool and a fountain in the dune area of Jurmala"

For sale an exclusive mansion located in the most prestigious location of Jurmala, in Melluzhi, on the first line. Kapu Street stretches along the sea. The house has a beautiful well-groomed area, fenced on all sides by thuja, creating a hedge. On th...

Price: 1950000 Total Square: 2000 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 510

Latvia  Jurmala

03/10/2017 12:15:24

Newly furnished aparthotel for 4 apartments in the dune area of Jurmala

New house for sale in Jurmala in Jaundubulti. The house can be used as one large house or as 4 separate apartments not connected with each other. Dzintari concert hall is 5 km away, the distance to the airport is 20 km, distance to the center of Riga...

Price: 2000000 Total Square: 920 Rooms: 12 Floors: 3

Views count: 496

Latvia  Jurmala

22/08/2017 11:08:52

Veccīruļu iela 19, Marupe"

Your future home! Rent a house with redemption rights up to 2 years. House with a complete finish of the outside (without interior decoration). We offer you a choice of colors, finishes and styles, and your house will have a completely individual loo...

Price: 160000 Total Square: 217 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 501

Latvia  Marupe

21/06/2017 20:05:41

Aveņu iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Avenu street. Precinct, garage for one car, bedrooms 3 piece/es, studio type appartment, wardrobe, workroom, fireplace, gas heating, balcony, sauna, three bathrooms, shower stall, corner bath, build in kitchen unit, built-in wardrobe...

Price: 1200 Total Square: 300 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 477

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 19:51:19

Jūrmalas iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Jurmalas street. Half house , precinct with wooden wall, one communicating room, kitchen 12 m2, shower stall, toilet, bed, double bed, kitchen table, reclining chairs, wardrobe , refrigerator, gas-stove, washing machine, till sea 200...

Price: 800 Total Square: 75 Rooms: 3 Floors: 1

Views count: 456

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 19:39:03

Olģerta iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Olgerta street. Newly constructed building , well-maintained greened courtyard, precinct, garage for two cars, bedrooms 4 piece/es, rooms isolated, kitchen, lounge, hall, workroom, fireplace, gas heating, terrace , two bathrooms, bui...

Price: 10000 Total Square: 380 Rooms: 8 Floors: 2

Views count: 486

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 17:54:41

Dārzkopības iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Darzkopibas street. Renovated building, indoor courtyard, rooms isolated 7 piece/es, one communicating room, fireplace, gas heating, new plumbing, parquet flooring, new wirework, three balconies, three bathrooms, build in kitchen uni...

Price: 700000 Total Square: 360 Rooms: 8 Floors: 3

Views count: 446

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 16:48:02

Aglonas iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Aglonas street. Renovated building, well-maintained greened courtyard, a number of parking places, bedrooms 3 piece/es, studio type appartment, workroom, fireplace, gas heating, painted walls, new plumbing, parquet flooring, terrace...

Price: 4000 Total Square: 133 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 461

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 16:37:59

Dzintaru prospekts

Latvia, Jurmala, Dzintaru prospekts. Front building, CITY REAL ESTATE ID - 418347

Price: 1000000 Total Square: 700 Rooms: 42 Floors: 3

Views count: 463

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 16:31:21

Laboratorijas iela

Latvia, Riga, Laboratorijas street. Courtyard building, renovated building, changed roofing, cobbled driveway, indoor courtyard, a number of parking places, entrance from courtyard, three-storey, kitchen, lounge, wardrobe, hall, workroom, auxiliary ...

Price: 200000 Total Square: 220 Rooms: 5 Floors: 3

Views count: 489

Latvia  Riga

21/06/2017 15:55:09

18. līnija

Latvia, Jurmala, 18. line. Well-maintained greened plot of land, cobbled driveway, private territory, garage for two cars, bedrooms 4 piece/es, fireplace, gas heating, two level, heating floor in bathroom , flag flooring, swimming pool, sauna, three ...

Price: 250 Total Square: 495 Rooms: 5 Floors: 1

Views count: 470

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 15:36:05


Latvia, Rigas district, 0. Garage for two cars, rooms isolated, wardrobe, fireplace, gas heating, heating floor, porch, bathroom and WC separated, two bathrooms, bath, shower stall, alarm system , day and night television surveillance , video door ph...

Price: 2000 Total Square: 200 Rooms: 3 Floors: 2

Views count: 526

Latvia  Malpils novads

21/06/2017 15:22:24

Dzelzceļa iela

Latvia, Jurmala, Dzelzcela street. Newly constructed building , indoor courtyard, a number of parking places, greened area with new trees , two-storey, kitchen, wardrobe, hall, workroom, fireplace, gas heating, heating floor, heating floor in kitche...

Price: 1450 Total Square: 200 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 481

Latvia  Jurmala

21/06/2017 15:13:42

D/s Rūķīši

Latvia, Rigas district, 0. Stove, central heating system, possibility to replan, russian hothouse, borehole, land with a number of buildings, household building, under house is cellar, orchard, CITY REAL ESTATE ID - 418170

Price: 70000 Total Square: 100 Rooms: 5 Floors: 2

Views count: 504

Latvia  Salaspils lauku teritorija

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